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Mile Marker

We’re a resource of a higher standard, helping beverage businesses make that next step. Mile Marker’s experience comes from our own investments in the beverage world. Our experience with packaging design, value engineering, flavor design, transitioning to co-packer, custom bottle design, and logistics. Let us share our experiences to help your business scale to the next stage.

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100ml Canned Cocktails

High ABV Cocktails

100ml tin cans for high proof or acidic beverages. These are the ideal sized cans for cocktails or straight spirits. Custom cocktail flavor design as well as ingredient sourcing with regular and dependable can sourcing.

100ml Can
200ml Can

200ml Can Hard Coffees

Lower ABV Cream Based

Non-carbonated hard coffees at 14% ABV. These coffees are specifically blended with botanicals and high quality ingredients for a cafe quality beverage. Canned and packed in POS display boxes of 12 cans.

Spirit Aging

Custom Aging Options

We have extensive experience aging spirits utilizing traditional and non-traditional methods. Special projects include Single Malt, Bourbon, Rye and Rums.

Spirit Aging
200ml Can Point-of-Sale

Point-of-sale Design

Custom Packaging Design

We have produced a number of custom packaging designs. We can help you meet your packaging needs with innovative and effective design that incorporates efficiency while also meeting retail and customers needs.

Ecgberht Gin - Formulation

11 Wells

Lead design consultation, as well as product formulation and packaging design for a stand-out gin bottle for 11 Wells, a St. Paul based distillery.

Custom Bitters Design

Custom Bitters

Big Watt

Working closely with the customer, we designed custom bitters and flavors exclusively for Big Watt, a local coffee company looking to expand to the bitters world, with a focus on coffee cocktails.

Soda Flavor Design

Private Label

Private label project still in development. Our contributions include coordination of flavor design (incorporating natural ingredients and juices), packaging design, co-packing solutions and logistics.

Flavor Design
Egbert's Cherries

Egbert's Cherries


Development and design of these cherries and label, incorporated existing Dashfire bitters flavors, but also leveraging co-packing solutions to develop a sustainable and scalable product.

Mr Lee's Chinese Bitters


The flavors for this product were developed to emulate an ancient Chinese recipe and the label was designed in the same vein, evoking a genuine and Chinese-influenced look and feel.

Flavor Design
Private Label Bitters

Patron Bitters


In partnership with leading tequilla brand Patron, we developed custom bitters and salts designed to complement and highlight one of their signature Añejo tequillas.

Dashfire Bitters


Our own bitters brand, with the largest selection of bitters in the world. Various package designs, sizes and product types. Ability to scale and produce various sizes for different products, from 5 gallon batches to 1200 gallon batches (1000 bottles to 64,000 bottles).

DFB 100ml Single Flavor
Private Label Bitters.jpg

Private Label Bitters

Custom Flavors Custom Packaging

Use one of our already approved formulas or create a new flavor from scratch. Standard and customs packaging options are all available. Contact us to get a quote and discuss the wide variety of options. Both potable and non-potable bitters are available. Most private label bitters projects require a minimum order of 1000 units per flavor.

Natural Flavors

Our Services

Our products are manufactured with best-in-class materials, and assembled using the finest and most advanced techniques on the market. We are proud to put our stamp of approval on every one of our goods, and are sure that you will be satisfied with the results. Check out what we make here.

Flavor Design
Custom Bottle
Canning Line
Product Design


Natural Flavor Design


Customized Packaging


Leveraging Co-Packers


Product Design

Utilizing our library of botanicals and spices, along with other nationally-known flavor houses, we can create a unique flavor for your product.

Designing, identifying and sourcing custom packaging for specific product needs, from bottles and caps to boxes and labels at a price that you can afford.

Co-packers can add significant value and time-savings to large-scale products. Let us help you identify and plan for a successful production run.

Whether you’re looking for a re-brand, new package or box design, we can help create a look that will stand out on the shelf.

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Sources and solutions available for the many required certifications in the food and beverage world.

There are many certifications throughout the beverage industry and our vendors can certify most all of them. We can walk you through them and suggest the right suppliers to help you accomplish you certification goals.

TTB COLA Certification

TTB Formula Approval

Production Processes







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